Brand: Electrolux / Zanussi
Product Code: SDB302
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Electrolux / Zanussi - SDB302

Dust bags to fit Electrolux upright vacuum cleaners

Equivalent to: E82 (9001955849)

Suitable for:

The Boss Z2270 Series, Powerlite Z2250 Series, Hilights Z2900 Series, The Boss B2280 Series, Electrolux E82/E82n/U82, Boss, HiLight, HiLight Pet Lover, Z2274B, Z2270, Z2271, Z2272, Z2273, Z2274, Z2276, Z2920, Z2925, Z2282, Z2911, BOSS, B2280, B2283, B2284, B2286, Z2250 B. Powerlite, Stairmaster Z2265AZ, Filtaire, Z2901, 2905, 2910, 2911, 2915, Powerlite Z2250A, 2255, Z2255ZA ,Electrolux E82, ES82, E82n, U82, 406/4107

Pack of 5 paper dustbags

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