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Dyson - HSE102

Compatible lower internal hose located on the underside of select Dyson vacuum cleaners, and a separate entity to the main extendable hose on the rear of the vacuum cleaner. A common Dyson spare as a result of the hose splitting, it causes a loss of suction to your Dyson vacuum cleaner

If you need a replacement internal hose for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, look no further than this replacement internal hose. It is a top quality alternative part that is designed to fit Dyson DC04, DC07, DC14 & DC33 model vacuum cleaners.

Please note some DC04 models where fitted with a hose that has 2 cuff ends so please be careful when ordering to ensure you order the correct part as the two hoses are not interchangeable. The 2 cuffed version of this hose is Dyson part number 900296-02

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