Brand: Electrolux / Zanussi
Product Code: FIL263
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Electrolux / Zanussi - FIL263

HEPA Filter to fit Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Equivalent to: EF86B (9001959528)

Suitable for: Cyclone Power Max Range & Vitesse Range
Z4700, Z4700A
Z4701, Z4701BZ
Z4702A, Z4703AZ
Z4704, Z4704AZ
Z4705AZ, Z4706, Z4706AZ
Z4707AZ, Z4708, Z4709(A)
Z4712AZ, Z4713AZ
Z4714AZ, Z4715az, Z4730AZ,
Z5500, Z5500A,
Z5501, Z5505, Z5506(A)
Z5510, Z5510A
Z5600, Z5600A, Z5605AZ and more

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