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Dreamland - 6981

Made from luxurious 100% pure cotton fabric, our Sleepwell Duvet is breathable, deep quilted and soft to the touch with a superior box construction for ultimate comfort and quality. The plush natural cotton material keeps you warm in the winter and cool during the summer, for a sumptuous sleep experience all year round.

Sleepwell’s revolutionary microfibre filling is light and fine, crafted from non-allergenic polyester fibre to give a sumptuous bounce-back feel.

Sleepwell’s Intelliheat Luxury Cotton Duvet responds to temperature changes while you sleep. The body responsive temperature sensor, maintains your chosen temperature precisely. Intelliheat is in control. Set it and Forget it!

Intelliheat. Intelligently simple. Love Sleepwell. Love Mornings.

Length – 200mc Width – 135cm

- 5 minutes to heat up – the fastest heat up
- The cheapest to run – from as little as a 1p per night to run
- Sleep Guardian total safety system. This technology that takes care of you as you sleep, for total peace of mind, the complete overheat protection system.
- Intelliheat Control that’s easy to use, switch on, set to temperature 6 for fast heat up, then before you snuggle down to blissful slumber, select 1 to 5 for your preferred temperature.
- Auto shut off – It even has a timer of 1 hour or 9, so you can just set it and forget it.
- Dual controls available – Individual controls to heat up each side of the bed independently from each other
- Microfibre filling – Easy care, revolutionary light and fine non-allergenic polyester fibre gives a sumptuous bounce back filling that feels like goose down. Superior box construction ensures all filling stays evenly in place.
- Ultra thin wires for extra comfort

Material: Outer made from 100% cotton Inner made from 100% non allergenic polyester
Washing instructions: Machine washable and tumble dryer safe, just detach the control before you put it in the wash.

3 year guarantee
IMQ – This product has been tested and approved by IMQ, one of the worlds biggest quality institutes.

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