Brand: Zanussi
Product Code: DBT102
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Zanussi - DBT102

Compatible washing machine door seal to fit AEG and Zanussi washing machines

Fits models: 

Bendix BIW145W; Electrolux WH263; John Lewis JLWM1200; JLWM1201; JLWM1202; JLWM1203; JLWM1402; JLWM1403; JLWM1407; Juno JLWM1203; Tricity Bendix AW1000W; AW1200W; AW1201W; AW1260S; AW1260W; AW1400W; AW1401W; AW1460W; AW1560W; BIW123W; BIW126W; BIW145W; Zanussi F1045W; F1203W; F1245W; F1256W; FR1250S; FR1250W; FR1450W; FS1055W; FS1155W; FS1255S; FS1255W; FS1355W; FS1455W; FS1555W; FX1165W; FX1265W; FX1365W; FX1465W; ZWF10070W; ZWF1010W; ZWF1020W; ZWF1021W; ZWF1111W; ZWF12070G1; ZWF12070S; ZWF12070S1; ZWF12070W; ZWF12070W1; ZWF12080W; ZWF1210W; ZWF1217W; ZWF1218W; ZWF1220S; ZWF1220W; ZWF1221G; ZWF1221S; ZWF1221W; ZWF1227W; ZWF12280W; ZWF1230W; ZWF1241W; ZWF1311W; ZWF14069W; ZWF14070G1; ZWF14070W; ZWF14070W1; ZWF14080G; ZWF14080W; ZWF1415W; ZWF1420W; ZWF1421S; ZWF1421W; ZWF1427W; ZWF14280S; ZWF14280W; ZWF1430S; ZWF1430W; ZWF1432S; ZWF1432W; ZWF1441W; ZWF1521W; ZWF16070S; ZWF16070W; ZWF16070W1; ZWF1621S; ZWF1621W; ZWF16281W; ZWF1630W; ZWF1632W; ZWG3102; ZWG5125; ZWG5145; ZWG6165; ZWN6120L; ZWN7120L; ZWN7140L; ZWN7148L; ZWNB6120L; ZWNB6140L; ZWX1505W; ZWX1506W; ZWX1605W; ZWX1606W

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