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Hoover - DBT99

Compatible washing machine door seal to fit Hoover and Candy washing machines

Fits models: 

Belling WM10V; WM13VI; Otsein 823CF MASTER; 823CFH; 824CFHMASTER; ETERNA906; ETERNA906H; LBC1265EXP.; LBCH1265; LBD1044DENSA; LBD1044H; LFC836AH EXP; LFO416; LFO426; LFO536; LFO626; LFO826; LFOH416; LFOH426; LFOH536; LFOH626; LFOH627A; LFOH826; LFOH846A; LLBC965EX; LLBD984A; LLOH1256A; LLOH906A; LLOH946A; OHFN7116-37; OHN6105-37; OHN685-37; OHNF6117-3; OHNF6117-37; OHNF6137Z-37; OHNF9117; OHNF9127; OHNF9167; OHNL6106-37; OHNL6116-37; OHNL6116S-37; OHNL6116X-37; OHNL6126-37; OHNL9106-37; Rosieres RILL120; RILL140-47S; Zerowatt CA756SS; E40; E41; E50; E60HC CKD; EH40; EH41; EH50; EH55A; EH65A; EMA80SS; EMH80AS; EP7501MASS; H5065E; H50AT-30; H60AT-30; H61AT-30; HC557A; HC653A; HC666E; HMP1058E SS; HMP1059E SS; HMP5085E; HMP756E; SEL.HM850ES; STEELHM959ES; Z86E; ZL100.6; ZL100.7; ZL120.6; ZL120.7; ZL60; ZL61; ZL80; ZW436CKD; ZW457TCKD; Candy ACS100; ACS100 SY; ACS100.6SY; ACS101; ACS106; ACS120; ACS130; ACS130 UK; ACS130.6SY; ACS130CE SY; ACS130P; ACS130SY; ACS132; ACS136; ACS160; ACS160 NL; ACS160P DE; ACS160P FI; ACS160P NL; ACS160P SY; ACS65SY; ACS80; ACS80.6SY; ACS80SY; ACS86; AM1042S H/C; AQ100TR; AQ120/1TUK; AQ130/1T-80; AQ130/1TUK; AQC101TR; AQC102TR; C2 145-47; C2075-01; C2075-47; C2085.5; C2085-16S; C2095-16S; C2105-47; C2105-86S; C2125-47; C2125-86S; C2145-84; C2145-86S; C2510-01S; C2512-01S; C514-80/1; CA106TR; CA66TR; CA861TR; CA86TR; CB1013TR; CB1023TR; CB1024T; CB102TR; CB1033TR Y; CB103TR; CB1043TR; CB1043TR M; CB1053TR; CB106TR; CB1213TR EXP; CB1224T; CB123TR; CB414; CB42T; CB42TR; CB50AT; CB52T; CB52TCKD; CB60.6T; CB60AT; CB613TR; CB62T; CB62TR; CB63TES; CB63TR; CB63TRCKD; CB66TR; CB66TRSY; CB73TR; CB74TR; CB813TR; CB823TR; CB824T; CB82T; CB82TR; CB83T; CB83TR; CB85TR; CB86TR; CB86TRSY; CB96TR SY; CBD100.65-04; CBD100.6IT; CBD100-16S; CBD101.75; CBD1060-37CO; CBD110; CBD110-47; CBD1161-37; CBD1163-37S; CBD116-37; CBD116-37SME; CBD120-16S; CBD125-14; CBD125-84; CBD130; CBD130-16S; CBD136-37; CBD136-47; CBD140-47; CBD1425; CBD1425-14; CBD145-01S; CBD145-84; CBD145P14; CBD150FR; CBD156-47; CBD166-14; CBD166-84; CBD60-85; CBD70 IT; CBD80-85; CBD80P; CBD85.65-04S; CBD85P; CBD86SY; CBD96-37; CBE1025T; CBE1025TS5; CBE1225T; CBE130TV47; CBE1425T; CBE1425T SY; CBE165T; CBE75TR; CBE825T; CBE825TS5; CBE87; CBE88; CBL100; CBL100 PL; CBL100 SY; CBL100.6 SY; CBL106ES; CBL120; CBL120 SY; CBL130; CBL130 SY; CBL130PDE; CBL130PSY; CBL132; CBL140 UK; CBL140DE; CBL146UK; CBL160DE; CBL160NL EX; CG644.3T; CG644T; CG854.3T; CG854T; CGA814R; CHIARA552TR; CHIARA553AT; CHIARA762TR; CHIARA772ETR; CIN100T; CIN100TUK; CIN126TL-37S; 03S; CM1146-80; CM1146S-80; CM1166-80; CM126.5TXT; CM126TXT-01; CM126TXT-16S; CM146HTXT-01; CM146HTXT-03; CM146TXT-1; CM146TXT-14M; CM1612-80; CM1612J; CM166HTXT; CM166TXT-84; CM166TXT-86; CM2 136-80; CM2 146-14; CM2 146-47; CM2 146-80; CM2 156-47; CM2 166-14; CM2 166-80; CM2 166-84; CM2 166-86; CM2076-18S; CM2086-01; CM2086-18S; CM2106.5; CM2106-01; CM2106-16S; CM2106S-01S; CM211-37S; CM2116/1-47; CM2116-37S; CM2126-03S; CM2126-14; CM2126-47; CM2136-14; CM2136-47; CM2146-14; KITCB83TSM; KITCL2138; KITCN541T; KITCN541TSM; KITCN642T; KITCN642TSM; KITCZM167; KITCZN50T; LADYC.623CKD; SEL.732ETR; SELECTA731TR; SMART14DE NK; SMART15DE NK; SPRINT100TR; SPRINT101TR; SPRINT110TR; SPRINT120TR; ZM561CKD; Hoover A054CKD; A125SX/1; AAA140 01; AAA160 01; ACM110 01; ACM15; ACM16 UK; AI130 01; AL120 01; AL126 11; AL130 01; AL131 31; AL150 01; AL7 100SY; AL86 11; ALA122 01; AM100LEB; AM1042S11; AM110 01; AM110 SY; H120M; H127-47; H130E UK; H130M; H130M CMT; H140E UK; H147-47; H160E UK; H160I NE; H160I UK; H45TCKD; H5 13MCE; H5 13MDE; H5 14 ENL; H5 14EDE; H50AT SY; H60AT SY; H70M6 SY; HC110M UK; HC120M UK; HC130M UK; HC145M UK; HC150M UK; HC6120MUK; HC6130MUK; HC6145MUK; HC6150MUK; HC6160EUK; HCP160 EUK; HCP160IUK; HF100E; HF110M; HF120E; HF130E UK; HF140E; HF160E UK; HF7 12 IFR; HF7 14 IDE; HF7 16 ICE; HF7 16 IDE; HF7 16 INL; HF7 160EUK; HF7 16EDE; HF7 16ENL; HF7130MUK; HF7150MUK; HNF6137P; HNF6147; HNF6147-80; HNF6167-80; HNF6167P; HNF687-85; HNF7127; HNF7128-80; HNF7138-80; HNF7147; HNF7148-80; HNF7167-80; HNF9137-03S; HNF9137-86; HNF9147Z; HNF9167; HNF9167-03; HNF9167-16; HNF9167-83M; HNF9167-86; HNF9167Z; HNF9167Z-80; HNF9167ZS-80; HNL2126-80; HNL2126S-80; HNL2136-80; HNL2136S; HNL3146-80; HNL3146S-80; HNL3156-80; HNL3166Z-80; HNL6106.5-04; HNL9166-83M; HNL9166-86S; HNL9166Z-83M; HNL9166Z-84; HP12J-80; HP13-80; HP13ECE; HP13EDE; HP14-80; HP14J-80; HP15J-80; HP16-80; HP16ECE; HP16EDE; HP16ENL; HP16J-80; HP6 110M; HP6 120M; HP6 130M; HP6 150M; HPA135-80; HPA146-80; HPA166-80; HPB145-80; HPE236-80; HPF137; HPF167-80; HPL145-84; HPL146-84; HPM110; HPM120; HPM130; HPM150 UK; HQ130; HQ150; HSE120UK; HSE130M; HSE140UK; HSP16-80; HSPF157; HSPF167; HSW146-80; HSW166S-80; SUPER7/2; Iberna IBL120; ILB100T-01S; ILB40-01S; ILB40T-01S; ILB423T; ILB60T-04S; ILB80T-01S;

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